About Me

Hey, Party People! And by “Party People” I clearly mean people who prefer to day drink, would never wear anything but loungewear if that was socially acceptable, and have their nose stuck in a book ninety percent of the time. I’m Megan and I’m happy to see I haven’t scared you off yet. Just give it time.

I’m a thirty-something from Evansville, Indiana where I live with my husband, Richard and our five year-old son, Griffin. By day, I am a Secretary/Registrar at a local high school, and by night (and during the Summer, Winter Break, Spring Break, Fall Break, and all federal holidays) I’m just a big ol’ book nerd who loves her family, a strong margarita, true crime television, and of course, reading!

My love for reading was encouraged and cultivated by my mom. She started us off with the classics like Little House on the Prairie, The Boxcar Children, and Charlotte’s Web. Soon I graduated to the typical preteen stuff like The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High. Then, Harry Potter (number one in my heart 5-ever) exploded during my middle school and high school years. I’ve been a loud and proud Gyffindor since day one.

As an adult, I typically gravitate toward the romance genre. Much like a lot of female bookworms my age, Twilight and Fifty Shades kind of rekindled my love for reading, (although it never went away by any means) and there’s been no turning back ever since. I love a good Rom/Com, (Christina Lauren, R.S. Grey, Sally Thorne are some of my faves) but I also enjoy Contemporary Romance as well. Psychological Thrillers, General Fiction, and some Memoirs and YA are other genres you’ll see on here quite a bit, and I’ve just recently started getting into a bit of Fantasy.

I like to keep my reviews short and sweet. I’ll typically include a description of the book, let you know the genre, and will rate it on a five star scale. I pretty much never include spoilers in my reviews, but if I ever feel the need to, I will let you know before I do.

I love receiving arcs (e-copies and physical copies), and love promoting books and being a part of release day blitzes, promos, and tours. I have been a part of the #Bookstagram Community since January of 2019 and I am very active there. If you are interested in sending arcs or would like help with promoting a book, please reach out via email or Instagram.

Welcome and please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, seek book recommendations, or just fangirl with me over the latest and greatest. I truly am an open book!