Review: What’s Left of Me by Kristen Granata

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Steam Level: 🔥🔥

“The journey was difficult, but I’d go through it all again if it meant I’d end up exactly where I am today.”

Um, excuse me, Kristen Granata, but did you HAVE to rip my heart out, stomp on it repeatedly, then put it back together, and shove it back inside my chest cavity? This was an emotional JOURNEY. I typically lean more towards romcoms so I was a bit apprehensive about this one. But, I was hooked from the very first chapter and even though there were parts of this story that were so hard to read, I’m so glad I did because I truly loved it.

Sure, this is a love story but it’s so much more. It’s a story about hope, and redemption, and two people who are completely broken for different reasons making the conscious decision to help each other heal. Callie & Cole don’t exactly start off on a great note, but over time they learn to trust one another with their deepest and most heartbreaking secrets. While the subject matter of this book could definitely be hard for some people to read, the issues that these characters face are relatable even if you have never gone through a similar situation. Kristen tells this story with such tender and earnest care, carefully guiding the reader through the ups and downs of Callie & Cole’s complicated relationship. If you haven’t read anything by her yet, I highly recommend starting with this one. Sure, you’ll want to curl up in a ball and sob at times, but there are also so many fun and sweet moments sprinkled in that make this book impossible to put down. Don’t sleep on this one. You can easily read it in one sitting!

Thank you so much to the author for the advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest review. What’s Left of Me is out TODAY. Available on Amazon & KU!

CW: emotional and physical abuse, loss of pregnancy, loss of child

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