Review: Fresh Meet by Jasmin Miller

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.75

Steam Level: 🔥🔥

I really liked almost everything about this book. I honestly think Emilia and Jace are my favorite couple Jasmine has ever written. They’re fun and playful and just make a really great team when it comes to taking care of little Tanner. They balance each other out and where one is weak, the other is strong. The dynamic between the two of them is great, but throw Tanner in the mix and it’s downright adorable. There was a pretty big issue at the end of the book that I just couldn’t get past. It’s hard to put into words without spoilers, but basically Jace royally effs up and I think Emilia forgave him far too soon. I love that Jasmin’s books are usually light and low on the angst, but it just didn’t seem realistic that Emilia could or should forgive him and move forward as quickly as she did. That being said, I would still definitely recommend this book because I know others won’t have the same issue as I did. It’s still a lovely read!

Thanks so much to Jasmin for the e-arc! Fresh Meet is out today!

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