Meet the Bookstagrammer/Blogger!

It’s been a minute since I did one of these and since there are lots of new faces around here (yay for 3K!) I figured it was time to re-introduce myself.

My name is Megan. I’m 32, from Evansville, Indiana. My husband, Richard and I have been married for 6.5 years and we have a 5 year old son named Griffin. (I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom). I’ve been a bookworm my whole life and I read mostly romance but enjoy the occasional mystery/thriller, memoir, and fantasy.

Here’s a few random facts about me:

🦁I am Gryffindor down to my very soul.

🍹I love a good drink and think I can still hang like I’m 22 and I so, SO cannot.

🦅I’m scared to death of birds. Always have been. Always will be.

💗I am loyal to a fault and try my best to always be kind, but I also take zero shit and will always stand up for myself and the people I love.

👸🏼I’m pretty stubborn and tend to think I’m always right, but on the flip side, I will always admit when I’m wrong and will apologize profusely when I hurt someone.

🤷🏼‍♀️I one hundred percent do not have time for people who can’t take a joke or take life too seriously. If we’re friends, it’s because you’re funny and wonderful, so congratulations!

📺I don’t watch a ton of tv, but some of my favorite shows are The Office, The Crown, New Girl, Schitt’s Creek, Queer Eye, and Cheer.

☕️I’ve pretty much kicked my caffeine addiction, which is HUGE for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love coffee and tea. My go-to is an iced chai tea latte.

✨I’m so glad to have you here. If we haven’t talked much yet, please reach out. I love chatting with y’all, whether it be about books, my crazy polls, book recs, or just to say hey.

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