Hump Day Hits: Make Me Bad by R.S. Grey

It’s been a minute since I did a Hump Day Hits post, and since I’m gearing up for the release of Rachel’s newest RomCom, Doctor Dearest, I thought I’d highlight one of my top reads from last year 🖤❤️

Scroll through my feed or hit up my goodreads to read my review but the gist is Madison can’t take another minute of her boring life. She turns to the town’s resident bad boy to help make her life more exciting. Hilarity ensues. I love all of Rachel’s books, but this one is one of my faves.

And pro tip: if you’re a big fan and you haven’t listened to any of her audiobooks, then check them out! It’s a different experience and she always chooses the best narrators!

Have you read any books by RS Grey? Which is your fave?

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