Review: Alma Underwood Is Not A Kleptomaniac by Lacey Dailey

Genre: YA

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“There’s something peculiar hidden in each one of us. If we were all the same, we’d live life in black and white. There’d be no color.”

Alma Underwood is NOT a kleptomaniac.

But she does take things that don’t belong to her. The best part about working as a maid in her parent’s motel is pocketing all the random objects people leave behind. From old ticket stubs to the glue that comes with a toupee, Alma has discovered it all and stored it in a tub beneath her bed. Her greatest treasure isn’t what she found in room six at Great Lakes Motel, but it’s who she discovered in an old, abandoned train car behind her house. His name is Rumor, and he certainly won’t fit under her bed. After a quick scan of Rumor’s surroundings, it becomes crystal clear that he’s not just hanging out in the train car for a place to escape. He’s living in it. With determination heavy inside her, she does the only thing that makes sense to her…She brings him home. Turns out, he’s looking for a treasure of his own, and who better to help him find it than her?

I was intrigued by this book from the second I read the blurb. It definitely seemed like something I would enjoy, but if I’m being honest, I had NO IDEA it would move me the way it did. I honestly loved it so much and truly haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since the second I finished it. Alma and Rumor are both unlike any YA characters I’ve ever read. They were mature beyond their years, yet vulnerable. They were quirky but also just really cool. And they shared a love at seventeen, that some people won’t ever find in an entire lifetime. As someone who is around high school students on a daily basis, I know and understand that some of them have to navigate through some pretty tough shit. It’s easy for those of us who had a “normal” upbringing to assume that children get up, they go to school, they do their homework, maybe play on a team or do some extra-curriculars, then go home, go to bed, get up the next day, and do it all over again. This book reminds us that not everything is black and white.  Not everyone’s situation is the same. And certainly, we’d all be so lucky to find a friendship or a love like what Alma and Rumor shared.

Thank you to the author the the review copy. I truly can’t recommend this one highly enough. Available now on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited 💕

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