Introducing…Hump Day Hits!

Starting a little something new around here, folks! Introducing HumpDayHits ❗️Every Wednesday I’ll highlight a book that has been a hit for me. I’ll tell you a little bit about the book, my rating, why I loved it, and maybe more? Idk this is new to me, so just roll with it okay?

Kicking off first edition of Hump Day Hits with this older(er) chestnut: Defending Jacob by William Landay. This is a book that I originally read several years ago and I still think about a lot. It’s my go-to rec for anyone who loves a good mystery/psychological thriller/courtroom drama. It’s the story of an assistant district attorney who is shocked to find out that one of his son’s classmates has been found murdered. Oh, but wait. Even more shocking? His teenage son is charged with the murder. No bullshit, this one will knock you on your ass and leave you guessing until (quite literally) the very last page. Gets a 5⭐️ rating from me for sure!

Read this if you:
✅ Love a good mystery
✅ Enjoy a good courtroom drama
✅ Binge watch Law & Order SVU
Don’t read this if you:
❌ Think courtroom dramas are boring
❌ Have a tendency to read ahead
❌ Are not into crime, true or otherwise

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