The Night Before Kindergarten

Excuse me while I have a moment here because my baby is starting Developmental Kindergarten tomorrow and I am not okay 😭

This isn’t something I’ve discussed on here before, but in April we found out that Griffin is on the Autism Spectrum. Since he’s still so young and the spectrum is so wide, we’re not exactly sure what this means just yet. All we know is that he’s brilliant and funny and charming and oh so easy to love. He struggles a bit socially at times, but at others you’d wonder if you’ve ever met a more polite five year old. While the future is never certain, I know one thing for sure: I would not change one thing about this beautiful little boy. He makes me so proud to be his Mommy and while I wish he would stay little forever, I am so excited to see what amazing and wonderful things he will accomplish.

Go get ‘em tomorrow, Griff. We are so insanely proud of you! 💙🧩

2 thoughts on “The Night Before Kindergarten

  1. Gina

    I get your emotions. I still have them for my grandkids when they start a new school year. I caught the IU emblem on the shorts and looked at your about page. I’ve been following you all this time and didn’t realize we lived so close. I’m just NW of Terre Haute. It’s truly a small world. Good luck with the first day momma!


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